8 Ways to Make College the Best Time of Your Life

Is there anything better than back to school? The fresh textbooks, the sharpened pencils, the hustle and bustle on campus… it’s an exciting time of year, full of the possibilities of a fresh start.

Starting college is an especially transitional and especially exhilarating time, but it can be scary, too. Eyecare 20/20 has some important tips […]

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Corrective Cataract Surgery Means Never Settling for So-So

Choosing to get surgery is not a decision anyone makes lightly. Before they come to us, our patients have done their due diligence—they’ve scoured industry resources, talked to many doctors, held consultations, budgeted their costs, and then come to the very best name in the business of cataract removal procedures, Dr. Cary M. Silverman.

At Eyecare […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eyes

The Science of Dry Eye Syndrome
The watery layer in the middle of the eye is the largest and thickest. It keeps the eye moist and comfortable by flushing out irritants (like dust, particles, and other random debris). Defects in this layer are the most common cause of Dry Eye Syndrome. Tears themselves are made of […]

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Four Great New Jersey Biking Trails to See and Experience

There are two things to know about me: first and foremost, I’m a passionate ophthalmologist. I founded EyeCare 20/20 in 1986 and have built the practice from the ground up.

The second thing you have to know about me is that I simply love being active. I am constantly searching for the best, most scenic trails […]

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Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome is Like Looking through a Dirty Window

Imagine that you live on a hill overlooking a valley. From your living room, you can look out the window and as far as you can see, there’s nothing but greenery, beautiful trees, and a small stream. It’s gorgeous, and your view is totally unobstructed by anything. One day, you settle into your plush armchair […]

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7 Things to Do in New Jersey over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is coming up fast! It’s September 5 to 7, meaning that it’s a long weekend! This has been a time to celebrate workers, the labor movement, and the contributions of the working people towards America’s prosperity.

Make the most most of these last three days of summer for tanning, swimming, and sleeping in—as well […]

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The Who, What, Why, When, and How of Cataract Surgery

It’s the age-old sign of growing older for many people – cataracts. Each year cataracts are becoming more common: almost 25.7 million people have cataracts today, and it’s projected that by the year 2050, 45.6 million people will have cataracts. But don’t let the numbers scare you; cataract surgery is one of the most performed […]

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Breakthroughs: Molecule Could Hold the Key to Cataract Reversal

As you get older, it can seem inevitable to eventually need reading glasses for small type or to squint every once in a while. It’s part of aging, you think, just an inevitable consequence of having lived a while. One of the biggest causes of this is the development of cataracts, which are masses that […]

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Another Reason to Consider LASIK—Contacts Cause Eye Bacteria

A lot of people wear contacts instead of glasses – it just makes things easier to not have to worry about fumbling with your glasses and being able to get up and go do whatever you want, not worrying if your glasses will fly off. While there are upsides to contacts, there are also some […]

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“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”: Airsoft Eye Injuries Have Increased Dramatically

I had a patient once, a college student, who came to me because while babysitting his niece and nephew, he’d gotten shot in the eye. This wasn’t any bullet, however. It was a BB pellet: small, round, hard, and made of plastic.

I still remember him moaning in pain and asking if he was going […]

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