Dr. Silverman and the EyeCare 20/20 team are one of the few ophthalmologists in the nation offering state-of-the-art HD Cataract Surgery using TWO femtosecond lasers, the Catalys Precision Laser System and LenSx Laser
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Apple Watch Giveaway

Ready for an upgrade? How about better vision AND a new Apple watch? From June 1st through August 31st 2015, anyone who receives LASIK surgery here at EyeCare 20/20 in New Jersey – or refers a friend who gets LASIK here – will be entered into a drawing for an Apple watch. Best part? If […]

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The LASIK Doc Recommends: Best Ice Cream in New Jersey!

Well, we’ve hit the midpoint of summer. Back to school commercials are starting to rear their ugly heads, days are once again getting shorter, and the dog days of August are fast approaching. So why not celebrate the peak of summer while we still have the chance? The best way I know of to do […]

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How Technology Is Harming Your Eyes and What You Can Do About It

There are so many ways that technology helps us in our every day lives. It helps keep us informed on the local and global news, allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones no matter where they are, and even helps us find our way if we get lost (thank goodness for GPS). […]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Eyesight While Driving at Night

As we age, there are a number of disorders and diseases that we could get which will affect our eyesight. One thing that comes with age is difficulty seeing at night, which can be a huge safety hazard, especially for those of us that drive. And as driving is a way that we maintain our […]

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What is Conjunctivitis? What You Need to Know About Pink Eye

Ever wake up in the morning with one of your eyes crusted shut? It’s itchy and you wonder, “What’s going on here?” You walk over to the mirror and see that your eye is extremely bloodshot and weeping some sort of strange discharge. “This can’t be good,” you think. And you’re right. There’s a good […]

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7 Tips for Eye Care Safety When Wearing Makeup

Wearing makeup is a fun thing for women to do. With the right use of mascara, eyeliner, some eye shadow, and lipstick, it can be a fun experience to magically transform yourself into a better version of yourself, or if you’re feeling like it that day, someone completely different! But with the fun of makeup, […]

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How to Travel with your Glasses and Contacts

Here at EyeCare 20/20, I love to travel and have been all over the world exploring different people and their cultures. I imagine that many of my patients also like to travel, which is a great thing to have in common with them. I love to hear about adventures they’ve returned from or the destinations […]

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Through the Looking Glass: The History of the Eye Glass

Here at EyeCare 20/20, we talk a lot about the great new technologies that are being discovered and invented my scientists and doctors around the world, like the MicroPulse Laser or LASIK eye surgery. But rarely do we talk about where we came from before all of this started. Can you imagine a world without […]

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Dorks We Loved: Our Favorite Characters Who Knew How to Rock their Specs

For most of us, growing up and having to wear glasses wasn’t too fun. Nowadays, society is way more accepting to those kids who have to wear glasses than they were in the late 1980s, the 1990s, and 00s. Then again, there were some pretty cool characters who knew how to rock their glasses. In […]

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Eye Exams: Why You Should Get One Every Year

When you’re a child, it’s easy to get an eye exam because the adult in your life, be them your parent or caretaker, makes sure that you make it to your appointment. But for those of us who no longer live under mom and dad’s roof, it’s important to be vigilant about eye care health.
How […]

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